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Little Lin Jun going crazy like, led an alliance member kill over all day , while loudly , quickly stopped them , do not let a run .

Coach factory feet Yi Deng, a move the legs and sharp knife Charlie Qi , the few people out of the way instantly fell behind to catch up to the Iron Guard and members of the instant action and blocked the stairs dozens of Telmar members in a flame . Soon, kill opened a hole , Coach factory store online looked a little catch up to Lin Jun , who flew a loud roar , jump. Suddenly, people have followed directly jump down, and there is no restaurant in the lobby Telmar people , after several days of blocking AU overconfident brother resolved immediately drill into the car already waiting inside, this time Kobayashi when the king led the troops to catch the restaurant door , Coach factory figure , who has been accompanied by a gradual disappearance of the car .

Eight Ga , is you, I will not let you. Little Lin Jun angry red eyes , the long knife throwing harsh roar up on the ground . Until Coach factory door led righteous man escaped after about ten minutes , the restaurant inside the killing finally stopped, mostly against the gang members were hacked to death , leaving only a few remaining Half-Life 's Big Brother , the beginning and Coach factory boss talking to the Yau Tsim Mong District bald impressively among them. Lin Jun murderous little face in front of several people swept him from a sudden long knife wielded the brush look bald moment of two arms shoulder cut .

Baldy endless pain this would pale face is generally pale as white , but did not open screams loudly, but to small binocular Nuzheng Lin Jun , a small Japanese devils , you kill me ! Decades ago, you have been our Chinese people go back a few years later the result is the same , there are those of you who work for the Japs . Baldy 's remarks immediately make a public Telmar members face to face can not help but look around , most face a complex expression. Dead pull ! Dead pull . Small Nu Ji Lin Jun big hands , the knife has a real solution to this bloody brother, also despised spit out mouthfuls of water slander , curse the side , which is now made ​​to the fate of Telmar , tomorrow he sent to the following a clean sweep of all the forces , it killed the whole family .

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